Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008 Pictures A


Pics! and this time of real people. yay!
1- well... almost real people... this one's a cute sleeping kitty. =)
2- Gabriel and another member, they're both crazy. Gabriel is a riot. His family aren't members. They wouldn't listen to us much so we told him he's gotta be the spiritual stronghold to be the perfect example to his family. He's a strong member already, now his influence can effect his whole family.
3- some more members playing dominos. yeah, the all dominican game. the one waving is Erik. He is Hna Taylor's baptism, not even a year, and he's the ward secretary, VERY strong member, one of the best they got. He helps us with a lot. He knows a lot of English and teaches the Eng clas Saturdays. Awesome guy.
4- this is Neli and two of her 4, 5 ? kids. She and her husband are saving up money to get married, so they can get baptised. WOOT! Very cute family. And progressing quickly.
5- ... very pregnant woman leading the kids in a fun water activity. :D
6- Delio, another strong member of only, what... 7, 8 months? Yeah, he got beptized just barely after I left for LA. I got to go back and visit for his baptism. He also helps out a lot. Funny guy, we love 'im.
7- ooo cool negative shot.
anywho... next slide coming up...

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