Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11, 2008 Letter

Ho there!

IT's HOT!!!!!!!
and too darn HUMID!!
...actually at this moment it's bloomin hot, and I can hardly type for too long before I have to stop and fan myself. *blehhh* The light left (aka the power went out) and they´re using the generator to power the computers and won't turn on the fans...*bleh* again. It was raining too, so not many breezes either...
ANYwho, dying of heat.... ummmm
OH, so I got bit by a dog the other day... think he drew blood but really it just turned ino a big bruise. Nothing really. Didn't foem at the mouth er nothin'. It was really funny though... :P It was half my falt, but not really,... but kinda all happened so suddenly. The dog was crazy so I blame it on him. I have a rip in my dress to prove it. :) hehe.
Hey, random question: how do get my buns of steel back?!? All advice is welcome. =)
We have found some great investigators this week (and a lot of not-so-good ones) but some on the verge (WE HOPE) of baptism... Pray for us to be good instruments in teh Lord´s hands to help them! We have had to start over completely after a number of elders who didn't do their job... and there are a TON of inactives. *sad face* But the lucha goes on.

pic 1- Our chapel :D

pic 2- ummm princesses??...

pic-3 ugly duck - (my arm looks kinda big huh... but it really is quite muscly. )
pic-4 dog bruise
5- horsing around at a local ¨Bon¨ ice cream store yeehaww!
6- BIG beatle
7- FULL, TINY guagua that we sat in for a long time to our house... we live pretty far from the city... pretty far. But it's a beautiful ride if you look outside. ;)
8- ooo! this is cool, this is how my hair has bleached from being in the sun.
9- AND last one, today's mountain scene by teh chapel... very pretty.

I love you, and you, and you , and you, and you, aaaand YOU! Thanks all for your suport!
....sorry, it's waaay too hot, I can't go on... seeya!
Hna Jules Benson

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