Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008 Letter


oh, man... we've had such a long P-day and I barely had time to write the president... :P And the computer's bein' stupid, which doesn't Ever help...
So you might not get a real e.mail today. :( I did want to tell you about some of our investigators and random experiences... which I should have been doing with Every e-mail...
Plus, we have an apointment like, right now and we need to get truckin' outta here.
um... so.... I´m alive... I think I´m well..... oh, we have a baptism this Saturday, Wee-hoo!! I´m broke, have no food...that will be fixed soon.
aaaand no package yet... I'm waiting OH so patiently... =)
LAME e-mail coming to an end --


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008 Letter

News Flash! Man... I shall miss os Angeles Deeeeearly... I MUST go back and visit with fam and friends some day. OKAY?!!! Yes.
But,okay, so I am now in .... *ahem*.... Los Alcarrizos 4 .... AGAIN!!!! No, really, the same area I left to Los Angeles from! It's freaky weird, but that's revelation! I was chatting with the President and asked him..."So, President... were there any surprises, or special messeges in the revelation you recieved to send me here again?..." *smiling innocently* he says, " Well, Hna Benson... ... There's something you need to do there..."
I could take that generally or literally, so I'm gonna make it into some kind of "mission" (doubl-y litterally speaking) to find out what I'm doing here again. We got white-washed, Hna Marianne Meyer and I !!! :D She plays piano, so I'm gonna be relearning to play again what I knew so long ago. She's from Kaysville Utah and I know we're gonna be having lots of fun with music. Wee-hoo!
* music makes the world go round *
Our house is right by the church too, and I'm pretty happy with everything.
I gotta head out and get everything unpacked and situated... dig out my brain that I left at the bottom of the huge suitcase.... which said suitcase is AWESOME by the way! THanks Allsops!!
Seeya'll! Let the games begin!
Agent Benson

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008 Letter

Time is running out Jules...

-- WHo said that?!?!
Wasn't conference amazing?!?!??!? It just get's better every time. I leared so much! Laughed SO hard at Monson's last talk! We wanted to stay for the Priesthood session, but would'nt let us. Loved all the rest though. It was so perfect for anyone who's not a member. A lot of investigators didn't come that promised, but some very important ones did! That's good enough.
I saw Bob in the Choir!!!! How exciting! Tell me Bob, what's it like?? What an awesome oportunity. I bragged about you to the other missionaries... hehe. =)
So, in other news, I'm going to be a trainer again!!! Don't know who, don't know where, but the intensity is on!! The week before transfers is always crazy because we don't know what's gonna happen!! *clanched fists and crazy face*
I also heard they had bought 4 new houses and are opening up those new areas around the West Mission. I want to go to the one right next to the beach... but we'll have to see what the Lord wants for me and my new companion.... =)
Really, this week is pretty crazy... SO much to do before I leave... yes, we've concluded that I will likely leave and she will take over teh area... my blessed home of Los Angeles... *sniff* I will miss everyone so much... miss our house, the streets, the dogs, the garbage... well, there's enough of THAT to go around the world...
Anywho, what I will miss the most is being a part of, or rather, getting to experience our investigators progress. :) It's always so sweet to see the light turn on in their hearts as they begin to accept such beautiful restored truths...

...Have I forgotten any Birthdays?? Sorry!! Happiest of Birthdays to you from JuJu!!
Tonight.... Carmel Popcorn!! Happy P-Day everyone.


Hna J. Benson