Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June 4, 2008 Pictures B

round two

1- CUTE adorable crazy faced kids of a wonderful member family.
2- THIS is sweet Antonia, an investigator from our last area ( so basically all the pics you've seen so far were from Los Alcs, last area... the move was sad and sudden...) Antonia loves the church and even WALKED to church (she lives flippin' FAR) a couple times before a member gave her a ride. But that shows her determination to find the truth... you NEVER see that in domincans... EVER. So we stuck with her and kept teaching her family. She needs to get married to her husband (thanks heaven he's faithful) before she can get baptized... She's a fun lady... gonna miss her.
3- Church in los Alcs... this is how fast the rain comes... and it's rain season, even worse out here in Villa Altagracia. It's kind of out in the boonies and when we tell people that we live there people always gasp or gawk in surprise... but it's beautiful and green. It's a nice little town, kind of... KIND of reminds me of home... in an eery sort of way. But I like it. Did I mention the house was filthy??? Yeah, took us a whole two days to clean it right... those darn elders don't know anything...
ANywho... we're in a lush, green valley surrounded by mountains... I'll get some pics out later.
4- Oh, here's a lovely pic of the clear-water waterfall right next to our house. It's quite pleasant.
5- AND a cute little puppy I put in my shirt pocket for a while. (don't worry mom, I washed my hands real good after) ;)
Love to all!!!
Hna Benson
JR my brother!- what's your blog? can't find it. I want to print out pictures of you to look at all the time. I don't have any! thanks, Love you so much and miss you Dr. Jay!
Oh, PS- Leonel won the elections... just in case anyone was curious. :P

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