Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27, 2008 Letter

Didn't I just write you guys?

I swear I just wrote you all... I don't even remember what I've saiud lately... Oh yeah, I sent pics, right. Those are words enough.
Little Elizabeth got baptized this last Saturday and Ernesto will tak his turn This coming Saturday... I'll try to get some pics to you next time. Things are really looking up around here. I said that last time didn't I?... well, y'know baptisms just seem to make everything look better. I kind of forgot for a second all of the stuff that wasn't going well and just delight in the fruits of our labors... I thank the Lord every day, every minute, for all that He does, has done, and will do to help us in His work, after all he won't let us down. Even if I may feel like everything is falling (kinda like a couple weeks ago) I just know that everything has it's season. We do everything that we can and the Lord will work everything out in His own time.
did I say that already?...
Well, I seem to be reapeating myself. It's been a long, fast week. ALways so much to do. I have to take a day at a time, do what I can, and allow myself to sleep at night, cuz there's more to do tomorrow. Keeps my brain going... heh, I guess that's how I lived before the mish, as some of you might remember. I just live a day at a time.
We have lately been teaching a number of people who speak English adn are actually... intelligent. I find myself stuttering sometimes because I'm so used to teaching BASIC basic doctrines of the gospel... which even those some don't understand. I've even forgotten details to some lessons that I never end up teaching in the lessons. woah. It feels very nice to talk teach someone who can accept and understand much easier. =)
Thanks for all who wrote. I'll print you out and read it through the week. :D
sorry for the lame e-mail. :P

Hna Julie Benson!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008 Letter

subject?. . . .

Man, I can't even share a fraction of my experiences, and half the time I never end up conveying the message or feeling I've wanted to. To get even the slightest idea of what's goin' on here I'd have to have some kind of Truman show camera everywhere I go. ... though, that would be kind of akward. But you get the idea. Just wish you could all experience the awesomeness down here. XD
And I'm sorry about all teh dumb random comments in t eh past tha tonly a few # of people would get and laugh at... Having no relation to missionary work at all... Don't worry, I'm totally focused in the work and the people I need to help. Just remember p-day s when I just spill out my brain out onto the keyboard and occasionally there are some random... lumps... ?? wanted or not. bear with me. I'm striving for perfection here... ;)
Um, Happy Birthday to..... EVERYONE!!! I admit by now I've forgotten almost everyone's b-day and I can't keep up to date with all of them. I WANT to though. I love you all, and if I forget your birthday... it means I love you more! (but if I happen to remember and send a note it doesn't mean I love you less..) .... I just dug myself a hole... :P ohwell.
What am I talking about? .don't remember.
Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!! woo-hoo! Dia de amor y amistad. :) Spread the love!
hmm... the honest truth I've been rather ill lately. (don't worry Mom!) Lost energy, tired a lot, mm got a fever one night. I'm just pushing myself too hard. But there's SO much to do! But I'm taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water, trying to eat good, lots of fruit, excercising too. Our awesome Bishop gave me an awesome blessing! So I hope to recover and get working up to par again... well I've been working up to par, but I'm so dizzy and weak by the end of the day so I hope that gets better.
Wow, was that like the first bad news ever?? Don't think much of it then. :)
Something really depressing happened and my brain can't come up with any fun-whitted comments or stories...
Just need to feel better so I can think again! ... it's past 9 months huh?... not sure. i'm not counting. I guess this week full of random crying phases is normal then?.....

Hna J. Benson
-- hopefully a mass of pics next week...? ok. :) thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February 6, 2008 Letter

I pierced my ears!!!

jk....... =) hehe

Sorry, I felt like an idiot when I didn't even mention anything about Pres Hinkley the last time. :P SO much happens around, I even forgot for a second that our dear Prophet passed away. That Monday we were busy with a day full of citas adn knew nothing about it until a member stopped us on the street
and asked if we'd heard teh news... "What news?..." No one had called us at all that day, so if she didn't stop us we would have never known until the Zone meeting the next day where they had mentioned it again. It would have been a bigger surprize. When we found out we just stood in front of an investigators house staring at the locked gate.We sadly held eachother for a moment then slowly walked back to the member's home to sit and the the news sink in... It's hard to be way out here and recieve such ill news....
Well, .. we all know that he's happy beyond descrption. =) And that's comforting enough. We kind of got to watch the funeral conference but missed the end and the funeral part because the satelite was being dumb... because of the sudden rain storm. Oh, well. That's what DVD's are for.
We've got about six, er, five baptisms lined up for these next two weeks. =D Wish me luck with all teh paperwork and stuff... and everything else. I can't do it all alone. We are teaching some great people, but Satan just has his stupid little tactics to bring even the best down. He's actually extremely smart in that respect... but I still hate 'im.

A lot of people here are trying to convince me to get my ears peirced..... ........

Today I ripped a little peice of pornography out of a public car and threw it out in the street. Nobody needed it anyway. :) They driver got all flustered and said, hey, that's private. heh, in a public car?! noway. People don't do that.
A couple nights ago we had a long ways to walk to our next cita, and we would have been late if we walked... so I stopped at the police station and asked for a ride. The were all just standing around, and their huge car wasn't even being used. So.... we were officially escorted to our destination. *smiles proudly*

....can't think of any more stories at this moment. there should be a couple next week though.
Love to all the world and beyond,

Hna Julie Benson