Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 Letter


Slap in the face transfer change!!!!
So they took us both out of Kilometer 23 and drove us farther up north ot a place called Villa Alta Gracia. People say it's dangerous and we should get home earlier etc... everyone says that about everywhere, but we're always careful. :) So we're here now and it's more jungly, our house is pretty roomy and things are nice inside. good fridge, washer and kitchen... hmm, didn't look at the stove yet... but is was all dirty and junk was lyin' around cuz we replaced the Elders before us. But still we're technically white-washing an area again. weeeird. But we already love it. We have a district of us four, 2 hnas and 2 eldrs who are really cool and old friends in the mish. I have a feelling things are going to go really well. Eventhough we're much farther away from the world, big stores, and fun zone activities etc, we're gonna have our own fun in our little town... actually reminds me a lot of Logan. It's got that kind of atmosphere... kind of... or maybe I'm just trunky. NOOOO don't say that!!
shh.... you heard nothing....
We are going to see Elder Cook in june pretty soon ( he's a Loganite!!) How cool is that?? yeah, we're stoked.
I'm gonna miss my last area.... we left behind a lot of golden investigators... we revived the area a whole lot. we seemed over burdened with great investigators after 4/5 weeks. It's always so hard to leave. I hope the elders that took over will take GOOD care of them and get some of them baptised in June. Yay! then we could go attend the baptism too.
So we're here to revive another area... from the ashes, so to speak... ;)
Your prayers are felt deeply, thanks to all for your love and support.
until next week...
signing off,
Agent : Benson
PS - ....Ernie! My eyes are turning green!!! *gasp*

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