Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008 Letter


Slap in the face transfer change!!!!
So they took us both out of Kilometer 23 and drove us farther up north ot a place called Villa Alta Gracia. People say it's dangerous and we should get home earlier etc... everyone says that about everywhere, but we're always careful. :) So we're here now and it's more jungly, our house is pretty roomy and things are nice inside. good fridge, washer and kitchen... hmm, didn't look at the stove yet... but is was all dirty and junk was lyin' around cuz we replaced the Elders before us. But still we're technically white-washing an area again. weeeird. But we already love it. We have a district of us four, 2 hnas and 2 eldrs who are really cool and old friends in the mish. I have a feelling things are going to go really well. Eventhough we're much farther away from the world, big stores, and fun zone activities etc, we're gonna have our own fun in our little town... actually reminds me a lot of Logan. It's got that kind of atmosphere... kind of... or maybe I'm just trunky. NOOOO don't say that!!
shh.... you heard nothing....
We are going to see Elder Cook in june pretty soon ( he's a Loganite!!) How cool is that?? yeah, we're stoked.
I'm gonna miss my last area.... we left behind a lot of golden investigators... we revived the area a whole lot. we seemed over burdened with great investigators after 4/5 weeks. It's always so hard to leave. I hope the elders that took over will take GOOD care of them and get some of them baptised in June. Yay! then we could go attend the baptism too.
So we're here to revive another area... from the ashes, so to speak... ;)
Your prayers are felt deeply, thanks to all for your love and support.
until next week...
signing off,
Agent : Benson
PS - ....Ernie! My eyes are turning green!!! *gasp*

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Man, Last week it was SO stinkin' hot I coudn't even think straight... But anyway. TOO much has been goin' on... and it's hot again... and I owe you folks some pictures. =)
So here we go:
1. Hna Marianne Meyer! My sweet little companion and friend. I took one just now cuz I haven't pulled out the camera that much lately. :P I love it when he shares her testimony, Sometimes it's exactly what the investigatores need to hear and she understands enough now that she knows exactly what to say, Simply and boldy. I've also learned so much from her already. This transition of areas, people, traveling, new home (which I'm quite fond of already), and manner of work... it's all quite different, as every area is different, and a bit unnerving sometimes. I wish the Lord would tell me what he brought me back for exactly... hmm... I may have a few guesses already, but it's only been what... a week?? psh. Well, when real stuff starts happening I'll tell ya, and about investigators too. :)
2. funny face... that was my lat day at Helen's... *sniff* it's no fun saying goodbye...
3. Chicharra!! Cool bug friend. =P Very friendly.
4. um... just havin' some fun with the equipment... That day we were helping an investigator clean out their house: ¨Pour water on every corner and get Satan out of this house!¨ was what they said. =D Anyway, that big yellow friend was sittin' in the back yard so I ran over to it, hugged it, and said lovingly ¨Are you my mother??¨ ha ha. yeah.
5. releif society activity where they taught us how to cook chicken 3 diffferent ways (wasn't time for the fourth!) MMM!! The pollo de piƱa was AMAZING!! We must attempt to cook it sometime. Yes. Those women sure know what they're doing.
7. HAHA!! okay, I'll just start our by saying that it was all my fault, BUT the story is good anyway. SO, after Zone Conferencia, mi Hna needed some supplies at the store, so we planned to swing by (w/ permision!) and pick of some stuff and then go right back home... I what I failed to remember was that I had the keys to the house... and the other Hna's that we live with were going straight home. They wouldn't be able to get inside!!! EEEP!! I only realized this in the check out line, and luckily we hadn't planned to stay very long. ANyway, I got to the house, expecting to see the hna's huddling in the nearest spot of shade from the intense heat of noon day, but noticed the house was open... How did they get inside?? Well, look at eh picture... that little spike that's missing on the gate above?... yeah, Hna Rivera, a cute little misionera from El Salvador, and I mean LITTLE... had climbed through that little nook, jumped through the window and opened the door. I gotta send you a pic. I'll try to get more pictures of people instead of bugs, dogs, and gates... :P
Love you all, thank you so much for all your support, e-mails, and Prayers!
Hna Jules Benson
PS - please ask me questions! I'm really not good at telling you what's going on... quiz me! I feel like every e-mail is just a BLAH of words that I throw out like I'm banging on the key board and hitting 'send' ... please tell me it all makes sense and satisfies your curiosities of my mission life...
hm... can't spell either. Foo.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008 Letter


* Now entering freestyle mode*... * mode where Julie starts to type (just about) whatever her mind spills out*...
>>> (Not rated) <<<
haha. jk.
But really, I'm just gonna start... um....
So we were going to have a baptism, but last week when we were gonna have a lunch slash lesson with Angelica, she wasn't there, and that wasn't normal... but then we found out that same morning that her husband had died.... we were all shocked and weren't sure what to do... We stopped focusign on baptising her and now wer're just trying to help her recover, be her friends in need and let her breathe.... There seem to be a lot of people dying around here... almost every day we hear of something happening to someone we know that knows someone that... etc. It's so sad. One Dominican hermana in the mission lost her dad... someone had killed him in the capital... DADDY DON'T DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......
I think she's staying to finish her mission. It happened to a Dominican Elder here too... This country has problems...
ANywho, So there's this one family Neli, Bienbo, and their 3 or 4 kids that are preparing to get married and then get baptised. They are saving up money and quitting bad habits, improving their home lifestyle adn are progressing really fast. Such a great family! The hard part is waiting for legel papers to get filed and all that crap, that stuff is usually the hardest obstacle. Again... this country has problems...
I think I've figured out a few reasons why I came back here... I'll mention a couple.. well I had thought about this before in my other areas when sometimes I had felt so useless and like I'm not helping anybody progress... but I stop my self and realize that there are so many people that we had met that no one else could have connected with... I mean, my personality... you guys would know... just isn't ... normal... and..... I've been able to find and connect and converse freely about the doctrine than if anybody else had tried... And I've had companions that if they had not been there, things wouldn't have worked out, y´know? It's all about revelation man. The Lord knows who I am and is using me to connect with certain people here. And I've seen the fruits of our labors and my purpose and direction are becoming clearer as I spend more time in the work. Did that make ANY sense?!??? ... yer a special one, Julie...
ok. so elections are coming up quick and things are gettin' LOCO over here, more than normal (and normal was crazy) but with all the stupid elections parades, drunk people, women dancing in the streets, and insanely loud music I'm sure ready to have it be over. Frankly I'm quite sick of the electees´ faces. Leonel (current Pres.), Miguel, and Amable Aristy ¨Presidente de Los Pobres¨ , heh, that's kind of lame. ANyhow, I was never into politics, I despise them actually. But the whole reason I brought this up is to say that I have actually seen all three of them in person. Without even trying really... got photos of them too, not great but their fotos. ... because they show up sometimes in these random town-street parades, sitting on top of the car, surrounded by guards because people climb up and want to touch them like he's a god or something... all they want is money really... it's kind of pathetic.
uh next subject...
There are some awesome investigators here that are juat golden. One is named Suleman, he's originally from Africa (a country in the North, Niger I believe...) He's really nice and loves everything about the gospel. He speaks English, Arabic, and his native language... but not Spanish! Weird! We've taught him a few lessons and he's reading the Book of Mormon in English... But because he lives in the other Hermanas area we're not really entitled to teach him... there are a number of investigators that are mixed between us four hnas and two elders cuz our areas are close yet far apart, and we're al in the same ward and use the same chapel. I guess as long as they get baptised in the end... right?
... it's really weird to teach in english! and don't get me started about PRAYing in English... sheeesh.... I sound like an idiot.
We celebrated out one year mark by making a yellow cake with chocolate frosting and we decided to crunch up frootloops and sprinkle them on top. Yum! (pics next week) Lit it up with candles and blew 'em out and, well, ate it. We like to celebrate day ¨Eves¨ of special days like P-day eve, or 1 year mark eve, or cinco de Mayo eve... hehe. Not to mention a couple HUGE rats that have ventured through our house but not after playing around with it first. We named one Federiko. And one time after catching a rat we made El Salvadorian tortillas with beans and made Hawaiian leys.. guess it was some weird culture night orsomething... rats, leys and tortillas. yum. Heh, my and Hna Cornillez (from Hawaii) built a little village out of matches and burned it... that was a really brief explanation but we'll leave the rest to imagination cuz I gotta go...
Really, I wish all of you could experience what I do down here. Especially inside peoples homes, when the spirit is so strong as we're testifying of te truth and watching the Spirit changing peoples lives. Those kinds of things I can't take pictures of... but will deffinately be remembered.
OH!! I will call on Sunday May 11th... don't know when, but I might be able to call and inform you Saturday night what's gonna happen. well see... so with that much said...
HAPPY DAPPY MOTHER'S DAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Hna Julie Benson +
no proof read, I can't type so it's full of eRRoz...