Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008 Letter


...Whaaat.... I´m allowed to start counting now aren´t I? ...Haven't been counting the whole mish until now. I can hold up my hand and stare at the four fingers that are left. ha-ha, jk. Heh, I remember a time when I was still saying I had nine months or something when I had about 10/11... :P REALLY I can't pay attention to the time.
BUT seriously... Don't worry, I'm staying focused, there are SO many other important things to focus on right
A Baptism next Saturday! w00t! His name is Adam (Adán) and he is one of the most amazing, non-Dominican-Dominicans I have had the oportunity to meet. In other words, he's humble, funny, smart, has good values, he's willing to fullfill the commandments the Lord has given him etc. Doesn´t smoke, he hardly drinks, but he agreed to stop in a second. He has a little business that he even CLOSED ON SUNDAY morning to go to CHURCH!!!... (heh, funny, cuz his car was the only one in the lot...) We jumped for joy to see him pull up (thanks to Hna Meyer, who knows a lot about cars, who recognized his Honda). He wants to start a better business that doesn't sell alcohol.... ?!? ... (this is a shock, bacause the DR comsumes more alcohol than the states combined and it's the ¨best¨ comodity to sell in the stores...) He wonders all the time why all those Dominicans are so evil... (YEAH, we say... tell us about it :P ) His son once stole everything he owned (a LOT of stuff) and he's learning to forgive and love him. He doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn't want anything to do with relations until he finds a worthy wife (Yay Adam!!!) He told us how he doesn't have any friends cuz they're all bad people, and when he came to church he looked around, turned to us and said with wide eyes ¨these are good people!¨ He has great values and wants to have a bright future...
This is how we FOUND him... And he said the most beautiful words, in a casual conversation, that I have ever heard on the mish... ¨when I'm a member...¨
We hope to see him this Sunday at church and we'll continue to prepare him for his baptism.
His daughter is a member too, but inactive. He didn't even know until we found him! We are hoping they can be good examples to each other.
Well, wish us luck with all our other investigators and inactives...
Love you Mom and Dad!! Miss you bunches!
hmm... no proof-read-- Bye!
Hna Julie Benson

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