Sunday, May 18, 2008


Man, Last week it was SO stinkin' hot I coudn't even think straight... But anyway. TOO much has been goin' on... and it's hot again... and I owe you folks some pictures. =)
So here we go:
1. Hna Marianne Meyer! My sweet little companion and friend. I took one just now cuz I haven't pulled out the camera that much lately. :P I love it when he shares her testimony, Sometimes it's exactly what the investigatores need to hear and she understands enough now that she knows exactly what to say, Simply and boldy. I've also learned so much from her already. This transition of areas, people, traveling, new home (which I'm quite fond of already), and manner of work... it's all quite different, as every area is different, and a bit unnerving sometimes. I wish the Lord would tell me what he brought me back for exactly... hmm... I may have a few guesses already, but it's only been what... a week?? psh. Well, when real stuff starts happening I'll tell ya, and about investigators too. :)
2. funny face... that was my lat day at Helen's... *sniff* it's no fun saying goodbye...
3. Chicharra!! Cool bug friend. =P Very friendly.
4. um... just havin' some fun with the equipment... That day we were helping an investigator clean out their house: ¨Pour water on every corner and get Satan out of this house!¨ was what they said. =D Anyway, that big yellow friend was sittin' in the back yard so I ran over to it, hugged it, and said lovingly ¨Are you my mother??¨ ha ha. yeah.
5. releif society activity where they taught us how to cook chicken 3 diffferent ways (wasn't time for the fourth!) MMM!! The pollo de piƱa was AMAZING!! We must attempt to cook it sometime. Yes. Those women sure know what they're doing.
7. HAHA!! okay, I'll just start our by saying that it was all my fault, BUT the story is good anyway. SO, after Zone Conferencia, mi Hna needed some supplies at the store, so we planned to swing by (w/ permision!) and pick of some stuff and then go right back home... I what I failed to remember was that I had the keys to the house... and the other Hna's that we live with were going straight home. They wouldn't be able to get inside!!! EEEP!! I only realized this in the check out line, and luckily we hadn't planned to stay very long. ANyway, I got to the house, expecting to see the hna's huddling in the nearest spot of shade from the intense heat of noon day, but noticed the house was open... How did they get inside?? Well, look at eh picture... that little spike that's missing on the gate above?... yeah, Hna Rivera, a cute little misionera from El Salvador, and I mean LITTLE... had climbed through that little nook, jumped through the window and opened the door. I gotta send you a pic. I'll try to get more pictures of people instead of bugs, dogs, and gates... :P
Love you all, thank you so much for all your support, e-mails, and Prayers!
Hna Jules Benson
PS - please ask me questions! I'm really not good at telling you what's going on... quiz me! I feel like every e-mail is just a BLAH of words that I throw out like I'm banging on the key board and hitting 'send' ... please tell me it all makes sense and satisfies your curiosities of my mission life...
hm... can't spell either. Foo.

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